Gas Stove Cooker 4 Burner

Gas Stove Cooker 4 Burner

Gas Stove


1. Stainless steel base and stainless steel construction with stylish brushed finish
2. Heavy duty, polished mild steel cooking surface
3. Removable stainless steel crumb/drip tray for easy cleaning
4. Ideal for sizzling steaks, burgers, eggs and much more
5. Exceptional quality and value
6. Quick heating and fast recovery
7. Non-slip rubber feet

Gas Stove Cooking chicken wings, biscuits, cakes, barbecues, vegetables and so on can help us make more delicious food.
Let the food be heated evenly, and do not stick to the pot, so that it is convenient for us to clean after use. Using electricity for operation is more cost-effective in the long term.Can operate at the same time, with high efficiency

Gas Stove
Power Type: Gas
Heat power:51.1MJ/h
Net Weight:39kg
Material:Stainless Steel

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 570mm