Vegetable Cutter Machine

Vegetable Cutter Machine

Vegetable Cutter Machine Features:

●  For safety, the motor stops when the attached pusher is opened more than 12″ above the opening.
●  A powerful 750W motor, a large feed entrance for mass food preparation, and a functional vegetable cutter.
●  Good looking with a compact design, the construction is made from a special alloy of aluminum and magnesium in accordance with health regulation standards.
●  Multi-purpose multifunctional vegetable cutter: slicing, grating, shredding, and cutting into chips or cubes of all sizes.
●  High capability, versatile choice, work smoothly, and low noise.
●  Attachment:5 different discs.Blades Spec.For Slicing:SP002/SP004; For Grater:G003/G005/G007.



Voltage:220V/50HZ  110V/60Hz
Blade Speed:329r/min
Blade Dia:205mm
Feeding inlet Size:175x75mm
Net Weight:25kg


Product Description

100% high quality VG-55MF Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Machine Electric Commercial Restaurant Equipment


Vegetable Cutter Machine

This Vegetable Cutter Machine is perfect for handling all types of vegetables, and meats. Examples include onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots,
and potatoes. At the same time, it has multi-functional vegetable cutting. Thus, it can meet the requirements of slicing, shredding, shredding, and cutting into slices or
cubes of various sizes. Moreover, quickly forms consistent and repeatable vegetable pieces. So it can save you a lot of manual operation. Therefore, it is very suitable for
use in restaurants, hotel kitchens, etc. The machine is made of stainless steel Made of steel, and the body is strong and anti-corrosion, durable. Lastly, our best intention
is to provide you with premium performance, high cutting efficiency, and a safe vegetable-cutting Machine.


Vegetable Cutter–LR-MFC60

Efficiently cut all of your vegetables and food, with the Dough Divider!
Fast speed, low noise, and efficiency to meet your food cut needs!
So, the machine is not only fast but also uniform. And then, it is a good helper
in the kitchen. In addition, the parameters of this machine are 0.55kW
and 220V. And the Blade Speed is 329r/min. Output is more than 150kg/h.
Automatic operation truly liberates your hands and reduces manual operation time!


Vegetable Cutter Machine
Vegetable Cutter Machine Vegetable Cutter Vegetable Cutter
Simple structure
The stainless steel body and the whole
machine can be opened. So it is easy to
clean, saving time and effort.
High efficiency
Because of the special 550W high-quality
motor and unique cutter head design. The cutter
head speed reaches 329r/min. Therefore, it can easily
handle a large number of ingredients.
Mini body
Because of 560×270×480mm Size.
The small machine is efficient and saves space
in the kitchen.And suitable for commercial or
home kitchens.

High Capacity
Machine operation is a better
substitute for manual work.
And, high efficiency and large
output. Output ≥150kg/h.

Cutter mounting hole
Special stainless steel cutter head,
originally equipped with 5 cutter
heads. So, hard and sharp, wear-
resistant, and not easy to blunt.
Vegetable Cutter Machine High Performance

1. Safety system
The motor stops when the attached pusher is opened more than
12″ above the opening.
2. Can be disassembled
The machine can be opened for easier operation and cleaning.
3. Multifunctional vegetable cutting
Can be sliced, shredded, julienned, or cut into slices, or cubes of various sizes.