Electric Contact Grill / Shawarma Toaster Double

Electric Contact Grill / Shawarma Toaster Double

Electric Contact Sandwich Grill(NON-EGO)


1. Stainless steel base and stainless steel construction with stylish brushed finish
2. With grooved cast iron plates
3. Removable stainless steel crumb/drip tray for easy cleaning
4. Ideal for sizzling steaks, burgers, eggs and much more
5. Exceptional quality and value
6. Quick heating and fast recovery
7. Non-slip rubber feet
8. EGO thermostat is optional


Fast Warming up to 300℃ in 15 min
Power Type: Electric
Net Weight:28kg
Cooking Surface Size:428x428mm
Material:Stainless Steel
Overall Dimensions:565x370x190mm

Electric Contact Grill / Shawarma Toaster

Commercial High Quality Breakfast Electric Contact Grill Panini Grill

Sandwich Grill(NON-EGO)

Our Sandwich Grill is made of food grade high-quality stainless steel. Sandwich Grill edges and corners of the machine are carefully polished without hurting
hands. It is strong and durable and is not easy to rust. At the same time, the double plate heating up and down quickly heats up, and the heating up
is fast and uniform. The whole pit can suppress stripes to make the food texture more beautiful. The upper and lower U-shaped heating tubes are evenly
heated, and the non stick coating cake molds are evenly heated, which not only makes the sandwiches sell well but also makes them easy to clean

Sandwich Machine(NON-EGO)

Commercial Sandwich Grill, with smooth surface
treatment, uniform coating, non-toxic, environmental
protection and easy cleaning. Solid technology with
quality assurance. The stainless steel handle is anti
scalding, which is safer in use. The anti-skid foot nail
at the bottom can effectively prevent the danger caused
by sliding when baking at high temperature.

Precise temperature control knob
300 degree temperature control design, can
freely adjust the required temperature
Fast heating
Double plate up and down heating, fast heating
Fast and uniform heating, full pit can suppress
Food grade Stainless steel
It has high beating resistance and wear resistance
Strong and durable, not easy to rust
1. Do not touch the hot upper and lower hot plates with your hands.
2. Do not immerse wires, plugs or hot plates in water or other liquids to
avoid leakage.
3. Do not let children use or touch the electric cake baking machine;
When the electric cake baking machine is powered on, the user must
not leave.
4. Do not use or place the electric cake baking machine in places with
inflammables, explosives and high temperatures.
5. Don’t let the power cord touch the hot surface. If the power cord is
damaged, stop using it immediately and take it to a professional
maintenance shop for repair.
6. Do not use the electric cake baking machine outdoors.
7. When there is hot oil or liquid in the hot plate, use with special care.
8. Do not move it at will during use.
9. Cut off the power immediately after use.