4-Burner Gas Cooker Range with Oven

4-Burner Gas Cooker Range with Oven

Gas Range 4-Burner With Gas Oven


1. The combination of the design, the beautiful shape and whole stainless steel constructions results in a luxurious product.
2. Provides a simplification of the operation procedure.
3. A convenient, built-in filtering system serves both frying wells and drains dump station.
4. Concerning the stove, the burner can be easy taken out for cleaning.
5. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

Gas Range 4-Burner With Gas Oven

Make this Gas Range 4-Burner With Gas Oven range a tremendous asset to your commercial kitchen!

1. Full stainless steel body, durable and long last ,impulse ignition, with the automatic off protection installation,high efficiency heater with separate switch and temperature controller.
2. The power output of the burner can reach 109.2MJ/h.Annular flame ensures high efficiency.The burners are manufactured through precision casting to make sure that flames are stable and endurable.
3. The size of the flames of the burner is adjustable.Stretch forming cooking surface,easy to clean.It is equipped with a flame failure device and a flame size control device and it is easy to operate.
4. The oven offers temperature control and flame failure protection functions overtemperature protection function to achieve even temperature distribution.
The highest temperature can reach 340℃

Gas Range 4-Burner With Gas Oven US-RQ-4
Power Type: Gas
Heat power:109.2MJ/h
Chamber Size:540x670x275mm
Net Weight:192kg
Material:Stainless Steel

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 800mm